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To begin at the beginning

I’ve always loved reading. From a young age I was a voracious reader, spending hours devouring books of all genres, constantly aiming to read more challenging, more exciting books (I even used to borrow whatever my Dad was reading, sometimes before he’d had a chance to turn to page 1 himself). Libraries were a haven – I could borrow piles of books, broaden my reading, follow the paths woven by my favourite authors; all for free and as often as I wanted (it certainly helped that my Mum worked at the local library). My already vivid imagination was fueled and I longed for the adventures, the experiences, the lives of the characters that lived between the pages.

That version of me still lives on, but the clutter of life has got in the way of my reading habits somewhat. I took my passion for literature to University, but the pressures of deadlines and learning to live independently chipped away at the freedom I once had to delve for hours within books of my choosing. Since graduating, entering the world of work, moving to Cardiff and subscribing to Netflix, my time dedicated to reading comes in ebbs and flows. Sometimes I feel that I’m letting my inner bookworm down by choosing to flick the button on the TV remove or slide vacantly through Facebook, but unfortunately the demands of daily life can cloud the way you spend your free time.

The clock has hit the stroke of midnight on 2016 and a new year has begun – what better time to make a small change that will have huge ripples on my well being? As a society we are always encouraged to make time for what we love, so I’ve decided to embrace that mindset this year and make a fresh start with reading strictly for pleasure. I’ve set myself a few ground rules:

  •  Make time to read every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes during my lunch break
  • Read whatever I feel like – 2017 is the year for trying new things, which stretches to books, too!
  • Don’t be too hard on myself – if I’m not enjoying a book, put it down and try something else
  • Talk to others about what they are reading – share recommendations and encourage others to find a passion for reading

I’m really excited to get started on my 2017 ‘reading journey’! I plan to regularly contribute on this blog, as well as on my Novel Observations Instagram and Twitter pages, with book reviews, as well as general thoughts and conversation about books. I’d really like to connect with other bibliophiles, especially if they have been experiencing a reading rut too, and would love to feature contributions from fellow readers. I’ve also started the Goodreads 2017 reading challenge and hope to hit my target of 50 books this year!

My first review will be up soon – happy reading, everyone!


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